Data science

As machine learning engineer at Target I am not only programming, but I am also busy with analyzing data. I was looking for a company that works with artificial intelligence and machine-learning. Target was a logical choice. I also had another wish: I wanted to work near the Groningen city centre so that I could bike to work. Cycling to the city from work.

Target has an open and creative atmosphere. We have a whole team specialized in artificial intelligence. Thanks to that I am learning a lot from my more experienced colleagues. I would like to master my techniques by putting them to practice and continuing to learn from new developments. Fortunately, there is room for both these wishes at Target.

Project base

We work on a project basis at Target, so you are not constantly working on the same problem. Usually we consult with the team to determine which projects have priority and then I start working on them. Due to the variety of projects I can “park” an assignment for a moment to get new insights when needed.

I gain knowledge at Target by performing. I get to work with a lot of unstructured data and with great Machine Learning Engineers.


Pizza and drinks

When I started at Target, the drinks committee needed reinforcements. I immediately joined the committee because it seemed fun to me to organize new activities for monthly drinks. Sometimes we do our own shopping, eat pizza and play Mario Kart at the office. Other times we organize a tasting or do a specialty beer cafe. Although you get to know your colleagues while working, it is also nice to see each other outside working hours. In addition to the drinks, we also organize a Christmas dinner and outing every year.

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