In depth with Artificial Intelligence

The techniques we use at Target Holding are innovative and progressive. I work on several projects at Target that are diverse and apply different techniques which I find interesting.

I feel encouraged to discover ideas. That is how I develop my creativity as a Machine Learning Engineer.

In one of the projects that I am currently working on, a reinforcement learning technique is applied. I graduated on this technique. Reinforcement learning is fascinating because this technique involves a sort of intuitive human way of learning.

The approach of this technique is that an agent (or a computer program) learns to perform a task from scratch. By means of feedback we learn which actions make a positive contribution to the execution of the task and which actions do not. This approach is very similar to Target’s creative mindset: we solve challenging problems and not everything will always work right away, but we learn from our mistakes.

At Target I spend a large part of the day thinking and solving issues in the field of artificial intelligence. Something I like to do.


The Team

Many young people work at Target. Even the more senior colleagues are still young. There is a pleasant atmosphere and we deal informally with one another. Also, in terms of content, I am well at my place. The team consists largely of technical people, so there is plenty of challenge. There is room to take in new things and to develop myself further.

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