With the help of powerful computers, Target translates your rapidly growing and complex data streams and data sets - which are often beyond human brain's capacity to compute - into valuable relevant information for your company.

We specialize in developing advanced, self-learning algorithms that enable your experts to solve complex big data issues. Our solutions support your experts, but they do not replace them.

Target was created in 2009 from a highly progressive big data public-private partnership with optical astronomy, radio astronomy and genetic data - with over 10 petabytes of data storage - and brought innovative knowledge to the market for the first time. Our team has now grown more that 30 data scientists working together in Groningen on innovative and groundbreaking big data issues.

The team

The core of our team consists of highly educated Data Scientists – graduates or university educated in artificial intelligence / machine learning – and Database Specialists – with focus on high performance NoSQL databases. The team is supplemented with Web and App Developers who make the beautiful presentation layer of our solutions, and last but not least, Infrastructure Specialists for the design and management of the hardware infrastructure in our two data centers. The whole team works together in our office on Atoomweg in Groningen.

Passion for data
The people in our team have a passion for data. We become enthusiastic about complex datasets, challenging projects, innovation, working in a fun team, brainstorming and tackling problems together.


Are you an IT professional who is also enthusiastic about data analytics? Send an email to Karmen.

A top team that collaborates on cutting-edge market applications of artificial intelligence and machine learning is what makes this group unique

– Gert-Jan van Dijk, CEO Target

ISO27001 gecertificeerd

Target is ISO27001 certified. This is an international certificate for information security and includes not only our data but our entire organization. The information that we manage ourselves, but also the (sometimes privacy sensitive) information that we process from our customer is in safe hands. This certification is a continuous process within Target, and includes compliance, control, testing and permanent improvements.


ISO 27001