Senior Machine Learning Engineer


Target is currently looking for a Senior Machine Learning (data analytics) Engineer.

What is expected of you?

In addition to a background in Artificial Intelligence or Informatics with specialization in pattern recognition and/or machine learning, we ask for knowledge of modern programming languages ​​(C ++, Python) and the experience to apply this in a business environment. As a developer you have knowledge of development methods, and of team and project dynamics. You also have the knowledge and experience to successfully apply Machine Learning to complex issues and you are able to choose the right tools at your disposal to realize a good product.


  • Completed Master’s degree or higher in Artificial Intelligence (or Computer Science with Pattern Recognition, Machine Learning, Intelligent Systems specialization)
  • Object oriented programming (Python, C ++)
  • Knowledge of machine learning, data analysis and statistics libraries (scikit-learn, pandas, numpy, scipy)
  • Functional design, and / or translating of a functional design into a solution (Senior)
  • Affinity with distributed computing is a plus
  • 4+ years of experience with applying ML

Personal characteristics

  • Result-oriented and decisive
  • Communicative
  • Conceptual and pragmatic thinking

Job offer

  • 32 hours or more
  • Location Groningen and Eindhoven
  • Starting: immediately

Who are we

Target is a big data analytics company that specializes in discovering new insights into complex data streams. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are important instruments of Target’s service. With better insights into their data, our customers can make informed decisions that set them apart and give them competitive advantages. Target’s strength lies in our innovative and unique method of extracting information from ‘big data’ with our versatile analysis and intelligent search systems.

Apply directly


Are you interested in a job as a Senior Machine Learning Engineer? Then please send us your CV with a short motivation by mail to Marjolein.
Looking for more information about the job? Please contact us on 050-211 04 50.