Target applies Artificial Intelligence and Machine-learning in different areas. From energy and water to media and entertainment, healthy ageing and human capital.

Gain valuable knowledge from your data

With the knowledge available, Target Holding has the opportunity to make a wide variety of data sources to the business world to generate value from it.

We developed The Delphi’s structure, Target’s Big Data Framework, to let data speak. Delphi collects from heterogeneous sources. The collected data will be enriched by pattern recognition and artificial intelligence and then visualized.

Discover the framework

Our core technology

Target has developed innovative Artificial and Machine learning solutions for years based on the following core technologies:

    Are you also looking for opportunities in your data?

    Targets helps you to take these opportunities and turn them into reality. We can set up an inspiration workshop with you, which consists of a journey through solutions. Target has put into the market and uncovers the 'hot' data issues in your organization.

    There are typically a few concrete questions that come out of this workshop which lead to measurable short-term results.

    Following the workshop is a Proof of Concept (PoC) where Target, in collaboration with your experts, demonstrates that we can achieve predefined objectives on a limited dataset within a limited time. Afterwards, a broader deployment can start on more data - either as a service (Saas), as a license or a transfer of intellectual property.