Delphi Framework

Value from your data

Obtaining the required information form many sources is not a trivial task, and the size of available data is increasing to the point that it is impossible for humans to survey and analyze. The Delphi architecture is Target’s “Big Data Analytics framework” and it makes it possible tot let data speak.



In the first step, data is collected from different sources:

  • Domain specific data; Data available within the organization. This can be data from e-commerce platforms or ERP software for example;
  • Internet of people: public data collected on the web via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Marktplaats blogs or news sites;
  • Internet of things: Data from sensors.

The different types types of data are collected through crawlers and indexers. The large amount of data resulting from this is then stored on the Target ICT infrastructure.



In addition to making the collected data accessible, Target has various techniques to supplement the domain-specific data with data originating from the Internet of people and Internet of Things.

Delphi uses artificial intelligence techniques such as machine learning, classification, segmentation and clustering. These techniques make it possible to analyze the combined dataset. This generates new knowledge from which new insights emerge.



The presentation of the knowledge generated in the enriches process creates new insights and overviews. Target provides insight into this knowledge and presents the data in such a way that conclusions and recommendations come to light for the user. This can be done in various forms, such as a dashboard or a periodic report.